Super Bonder
Super Bonder
Super Bonder

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Super Bonder

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Pickup available at Center Store Usually ready in 4 hours

Super Bonder

Center Store

Pickup available, usually ready in 4 hours

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Maximize your retention with our Super Bonder!

Features include:

*Adds elasticity to adhesive bonds.  The added flexibility ensures bonds don't snap and break as easily, resulting in better retention.

* Quick polymerization of adhesive without shock curing.

*Locks in fumes, reducing sensitivity.

*Because bonds have been sealed, no need for clients to wait 48 hours to get lashes wet.

How to Use:

After final lash has been applied, wait two minutes (to prevent shock curing) then apply a drop sparingly to a micro applicator and then apply EVENLY to every bond. Be sure not to use too much product and take your time to ensure you have evenly applied to each bond. 

20ml dropper bottle